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Intermissions Uganda

Recently, I was invited to join a group on facebook that connects missionaries/ ex pats in Uganda.  It is called Intermissions Uganda.  We don't have want ads, Craig's List, Ebay, Pennysaver, Thrift Stores or a Target here, so people do a lot of buying and selling by word of mouth, emails, or by posting flyers around shops frequented by ex pats in Kampala.

I find it interesting to see the variety of posts, so, thought you back home, would, too.

I took a sampling of some recent posts to give you an idea of what the want ads (or just questions) are around here.  

Several food related posts...

  • Anyone in Jinja have cream cheese you would be willing to sell me for top dollar?
  • Is there a way to make sour cream here?
  • Is there anywhere in Kampala that sells cooking spray?
  • Looking to buy Romaine Lettuce here but can't find it anywhere.
  • Does anyone know of a reasonably priced bakery in town? I have looked a few places with no luck. I am on a bit of a budget, but would like to find a simple cake that says "Happy Birthday Jesus" to serve 36 kids! Thanks!

 Post Office, Permit, Adoption questions, etc....

  • Can any of you give some tips on how to receive magazines from the U.S.A. here? Do they make it here without being damaged? Do they make it here at all?
  • To go to Kenya, does anyone know which vaccinations are required for someone on a tourist visa from Uganda?
  • Looking to get a new Post Office Box that is convenient to access. Any suggestions on where one might get one of these?
  • Does anyone know if when getting a work permit renewed, is it still a stamp or has it been changed to a sticker? I'm being told that the "stickers" are out. I've already paid for the work permit and have the receipt but am being told to wait until Jan. for anything to be done.

Travel favors 

  • If there is anyone in Gulu that needs anything from the US, let us know. We are leaving on Monday and will be there by Wednesday.

General Frustrations/Warnings about health and safety and medical questions

  • Anyone in the Mulago area of Kampala this morning, just a heads up that some students were striking near the football field. It looked like police were in the process of getting things under control, but I'd still stay away for a bit!
  • From a medical friend: Dear Mission Community,  Just to let you know that news last night and this morning have confirmed that there is Ebola in Luweero District.  Please take whatever precautions you usually do.
  • Has anyone had problems with the atm's here where money has been withdrawn fradulently?
  • Just a little warning. If you need a new watch strap please avoid Timepieces in Garden City. Having charged me 50,000 shillings a month ago when I returned today because the pin had broken holding the buckle to the strap they then charged me a further 5,000 because "the pin is not part of the strap". Well bless me I always thought that a watch strap consisted of 2 pieces of leather and a buckle part of which is the pin.
  • Can anyone tell me where to repair my Iphone?
  • Can someone recommend a good dentist? 

General Wanted Items that you would have no problem finding back in the states or the U.K....

  • Does anyone know where to get an advent calendar in kampala? and more importantly a LIVE Christmas tree?
  • Does anybody know if they sell felt in Kampala? And if so, where can I find it? I am looking for a yellowish/beige piece... Plz help me 
  • Does anyone have a baby monitor I could borrow/buy?
  • Just got a puppy and need a dog crate-anyone?!

And Misc. 

  • I met a team of two this past week whose organization fell through and they are looking for somewhere to volunteer. The lady wants to volunteer with women and children and the man is experienced in construction. Anybody have openings?  (Can you imagine showing up here and finding out your job is not really a job as you thought it was???)

Hope you enjoyed!   If nothing else, it should be an eye opener to not take for granted the fact that so many things/ projects are so easy to obtain/ accomplish back home without all of the stress, hassle, confusion and labor that they can take here!

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house for rent available u$500
in kitebi next to supermarket/ internet cafe

June 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKITENDA SAMSON

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